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Hexa! Rarest Hexa block number puzzle an amazing number puzzle 2248 hexa game which will keep your eyes on the phone screen and you will keep playing it endlessly. We bought you one of the best hyper-casual number puzzle game which is easy to play and at the same time it is hard to keep the hexa numbers in a sequence of block numbers.

This interesting puzzle game which you can say is a rarest hexa block game. 2248 Hexa! Rarest Hexa Block Number Puzzle has 1010 hexa numbers you can make 2048 numbers in hexa blocks and then you can have some surprises waiting for you in the game. Hexa number puzzle has number blocks which add up to make bigger numbers like it has a block of number 2,4,8,….. 2048.

Hexaz in it can be used as hexa retail sometimes got the number blockers and then you can’t add in it. Like you have a block of number 8 and next hexa block that you will be adding will be of 16, then this hexa block act as number blocker while 8 is our block number. This rarest 2248-hexa number is one of unique 2244 hexa puzzle game below is listed how you can play and how this interested puzzle game gives you enduring happiness. 

  • Drag the number appearing at the bottom. 

  • Drop the number in one of the tunnels, 

  • Add a similar or smaller 2248-hexa block number to make it add in upper 2248-hexa block.

Keep making and playing 2248-hexa block number game. Leave your review as it is truly appreciated so that we can keep updating the game.