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The prison has closed down and re-opened as a day at school, but the challenge to survive and thrive remains the same! Live every hour of every day in real-time – from getting out of bed in the morning to attending a timetable full of classes, as you explore a city filled with interactive props. Picking up knowledge from each class helps you answer real questions in 10 different subjects, as you work towards the grades you need to graduate.

But with over 100 fellow students walking the halls, an equally important popularity contest decides whether your days are filled with fun or fear. Although the game is mostly free to play, you can upgrade to a “Private” education to remove ads and make the school your own – starting with a student of your own creation and saving your changes to all 10 classes as well as the teachers and civilians. Private students also benefit from a more continuous experience that never ends until you want it to.   


In-game tutorials explain in more depth, but the basic controls are as follows: 

A = Attack (on its own to kick, with a direction to punch) 

G = Grapple / Throw R = Run 

P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to prioritize objects, without to prioritize furniture) 

T = Taunt (interact with props)   


  • Press ATTACK and RUN together to launch a powerful attack.
  • Press any button with any direction (or none) in a grapple to trigger different moves.
  • Press RUN and PICK-UP together to set fire to a small object (which can then be used to set fire to a large object).
  • Touch the clock or health meter to pause the game for more options.
  • Tap the speech bubbles to speed through conversations.


PERFORMANCE If you find your device struggles to display lots of characters, consider keeping the “Population” option low. Head to the “Display” options to tone down other features.