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Baby Phone


Baby Phone – animal games are one of our baby educational games for kindergarteners which entertains babies and helps them learn number games, animals for and animals sounds for babies. Playing this game will train fine motor skills and develop various mental activities such as memory, logics and attentiveness. Our toy with a lively and colorful interface is suitable for lall. 

  • Playing this first play phone your can explore different animals for all. Your child can check the appearance of animals by funny pictures with their images. In the book of our baby telephone your will find a horse, a goat, a dog, a cat , a chicken, a goose, a rooster, a mouse, a cow, a pig and a sheep. 
  • Learn animal sounds with the help of our baby phone with animals. There is an ability to pretend calls for babies – the most interesting and exciting part of the game when your littles calls a certain animal and it answers with animals voice! Moreover, from time to time animals calls. Answering these calls your baby will be delighted to hear grunting of a pig or growling of a tiger. 
  • Learning numbers for preschoolers. Playing our game your will visually and interactively study 123: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Our app suggests to press a certain combination of numbers to call a certain animal. 
  • Playing with numbers and animals your will develop logical thinking, attention span and memory. With mobile games help of our phone app your baby will recognize animal games by their sounds and voices, while pushing the buttons of our mobile phone games trains motor skills. 
  • Our number games for animal games can be called a mode for your phone. The child will quickly learn how to use the cell phone in games for babies. 
  • Our phone games are available in 17 languages including English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Israeli, Indonesian, Arab, Japanese, Polish, Turkish And Vietnamese. 
  • Like in many educational games games for nursery there are catchy songs, music and rhymes in our phone. You will love to play our free games for babies. 
  • Our app will provide at least 20 minutes of distraction for your while he or she play for call. 
  • It stands out among other learning games and baby animal games as a really simple, fun and interactive free games for babies. 
  • You can download and play for free. Our baby games can be recommended as educational games for kindergarten: educational games learning games educational games How to play: First of all, you should download all in one and choose the language of the game. There are three modes of playing: 1) animal mode, which is animal learning games, where your will hear various animal voices upon pushing the buttons; 2) number games mode – pressing the buttons your will hear the names of numbers for free from 0 to 9 in the chosen language; 3) music for baby mode in which different musical sounds will be heard.