Graphenes Studios

Car Wash

This car wash game is a game involving the sports car, police car, muscle car in the fuel station as well as a service station or gas station along with a realistic fuel station for car washing and maintenance. Being a best car driver or professional highway car driver, it’s time for you to perform the wonderful car driving skills, and then park your car as where it is indicated to you. You can drive your car washed into the big city or modern city, by car wash refueling from car wash service station game, you can fill your car wash oil tank from the fuel station or gas station and enjoy car driving and car wash parking from parking game expe


Put your driving controls to the test . Use the Steering Wheel, Tilting or Buttons controls of best highway service games. Incredible HD Graphics from car wash games . Real life sports along with colorful police car wash modified for stunt capability. Detailed and immersive environment for car wash parking experience from parking mania games. Excellent safe free gas station game for children. Amazing unique graphics, animations, music and sound effects. Various cool car wash or actions and car wash mechanic service. A lot of cool cars wash and vehicles including smart or to car wash. Fun, realistic car driving controls. We are glad to present to your kids our new game from the series of educational games for children – Car Wash for kids.

Cars, washing mechanisms, and various machines have become a part of our daily life. After all, they do most of the work and make our life more comfortable. However from time to time they can get dirty and break. This game is not about how to repair car wash, but about washing them and making them more attractive.

So, today our car wash is good and very popular. Lots of car wash of various models came here and are waiting in line. Your baby only needs to choose a favorite one, wash it using detergents, a sponge and water, wipe and dry.