Graphenes Studios

Crazy Hospital

Join in this casual crazy-hospital simulator and create your central Crazy-hospital story! This is a crazy-hospital game. You can design, build, and manage your medical center to treat various patients and relieve their suffering.

There are many places in the world that need crazy-hospitals, but the conditions are not exactly the same. Every crazy-hospital has different challenges. Improving health care has become an urgent problem to be solved. At this time, we need you, an excellent crazy-hospital administrator, to help these hospitals make changes.

In this crazy-hospital game, you can prepare tools and medicines, help patients with diagnosis and treatment. Also you can engage in other exciting activities. Your dream crazy-hospital is waiting for you.


Hundreds of game levels, and the levels are not repeated, bringing you different fun Upgrade equipment, design crazy-hospitals with different styles. Let patients feel the unique service Research into new treatments and devices to keep patients healthy.

Experience different activities and get unique rewards to improve the efficiency of the crazy-hospital Customize your crazy-hospital to make patients feel at home. Rich game peripheral system, double the game fun Come join this unique and fun casual simulation game!