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Design My House

For those who love interior doll house designing and love decorating, let’s introduce you to your new blank canvas! With this design my house decorating games you can have lots of fun creating a new room that you or your client will love!

This decorating rooms game allows you to choose all your furniture pieces and accessories that you can use to create a wonderful room! Choose furniture from plants, beds, lounge, floor coverings, tables and so many more!

this is one of the best decorating house games available for design my house and design home living, so why not have fun today! Choose A Room!

Have fun choosing a room you want to decorate from the bedroom to the living room! Once chosen you can work your decorating magic and see how good your skills really are!

It’s Decorating Time! Pull out all the stops to create the perfect room! Decorate with designer furniture pieces and add your own personal flair that will suit your own personal styling taste! Rearrange Time! Once you have settled on your room design, why not take a picture then rearrange again to see what new looks you can do!

What’s Inside design my house? 6 large beds to offer comfortable sleeping.

3 chest of drawers and 3 rugs ready for bedrooms. 10 wall patterns and 5 wall colors to personalize your wall.

3 windows and 3 curtain options to give your room an open feel. 3 pillow options for the bed to make for comfortable resting

Design My House FEATURES

Select the room you want to decorate between the living room and bedroom. Choose your bed and pillows to make for a comfortable sleep. Change the wall patterns and wall colors to suit your personal taste and style.

Accessorize with plants and other moveable items to bring life to your room. Add lighting to your room to highlight your wall hangings and furniture.

Are you a doll house fan and want to create fantastic designs? Are you looking for wonderful decorating and have creative ideas for design my house?

If yes, this game have got exactly what you looking for! you can easily make and fill your doll house.

Here you can choose furniture from plants, beds, lounge, floor, tables and so many more for all the rooms, add windows and curtains, add lighting and don’t forget to add a perfect decoration on the walls and floors!

It’s enables you to create interior home designs like a true professional with amazing kits and don’t forget to add little pets, they will bring life and joy.

you’ll have a good time finding the perfect look and you can spend hours of leisure playing for free and make a neat doll house that everyone wants. there are different rooms and tons of options to choose from, is so much entertainment.


Multiple selections of rooms to decorate with trendy interior. Classy decorations for a beautiful luxury style. Interactive controls to play.

Adjust the furniture in the proper position of the room. Mix and match furniture pieces to make stunning rooms for doll to live in.

So what are you waiting for! moving into our game and have a perfect doll living space! here you can put your decorating skills to the test and create a perfect doll house that you will just love.

Create a living room, bedroom, dining room, back garden or bathroom to fit your taste and style. change furniture colors, position and resize them at different angles, add the final finishing touches and don’t forget to Combine colors and styles to get a lovely atmosphere to make outstanding interior designs. is extremely easy to use just touch the items and drag them wherever you want and enjoy anytime and anywhere.

This is your chance to increase popularity with the most beautiful, modern and luxurious dollhouse decoration game! so don’t miss it! let’s see what big ideas you have for the design and enjoy, try your self as an interior designer and decorate a bedroom or family living room and more.