Graphenes Studios

Kite Flying

Basant is one of the most popular festivals in the world. Now the Basant kite fly festival battle game is here! Where are Basant kiting lovers?? Do you love kite flying festivals and want to be the best Basant kite flier??? This kite flying game is all about your crazy kiting enjoyment. Let’s play as a kite flier and enjoy flying kinds of kites on this Basant festival occasion. All the controls are so realistic that you’ll feel you are flying a kite on your terrace in real life. Flaunt your Basant kite flying skills in this game. These types of Basant kite flying games are made for kite lovers who really enjoy kite flying. Simply choose your favorite kite and start flying the Basant kite now. Tap continuously on the button to fly the kite high and high. Don’t stop tapping and cut the opponent flying the kite with your kite and become the winner. Avoid your kite to be cut before the opponent kite. Otherwise, the game will be over. Download this Basant kite flying game now and enjoy! You will love this Basant kite game.


Lots of kites to fly in the Basant festival.
Different upgradeable reels with more strong threads.
Enjoy realistic Basant kite flying.
Many levels with different challenges.
Basant kite flying festival environment.
Get score while cutting opponent kites.
Update kites with more size and weight by using score.
Gain experience of kite flying by doing real actions.
High graphics with Basant kite flying physics.
Free download and play anywhere in your leisure time.