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Red Hand

The red hand slap is the ultimate slap hand gaming experience that you always desired to have. Looking for competitive slap fest games? Are you ready to play reaction slippy games? If so then we are offering you one of the best slap apps “sweltering hands: double player red hot hands slap”2 player games for free. The point of the hand push game is to slap without getting slapped and by amazing slappy shots be the winner of slap day. The slap happy for two players, is a 2 player slap game not only to test your speed but also enhances your reflexes. If you like to play two player games, then this burning hot slap fight game is a perfect choice, you won’t be able to stop slapping hands once you start. Scary slappy game based on classic games of slap hands that is also known as Red hands, Hot hands, Red hot hands, Tap hands, Slap jack, and Dual hands. Our hand slap games consist of diversified hand styles with different themes and slap effects, each player can fluently choose the hand of his choice. In this game for 2 players, one player is the attacker while the other one is the defender. After selection of slippy hands, get ready to attack as it’s a Slap Me do vs. Slap You game. At the start of this burning game the slapper is on offense, and efforts to bring his hands over to slap his opponent’s hands with enough speed, as the slap pee’s aim is to pull their hands away, and out of the area to avoid the slap during burning fight.You had to slap up the second player till he cross his pain limit in order to achieve the points, slap it as much as you can in this astonishing red game.The game player who will gain the maximum points will win this happy slippy fun challenge. If you’re a fan of slap happy one hand games like thumb fighter games, rock paper scissors and other games to improve reaction time, you’ll love our slap hand game.


• Superlative Graphics.
• Several Hands to choose.
• Play in 2 player mode with friends or family.
• Test your speed.
• Improve Reactions.
• Challenging game play
• Best time killer game.
• Easy to play.
• For all ages. Don’t wait anymore! It is time to get the hand slapping party started. Download free snippy games now. Be the best hand slapper and the master of Sweltering Hands games