Graphenes Studios

Stick Man Hitting

Treat the ragdoll you want in the way you want. This is a new destructive stick man hitting hero game in which you can even break its joints. The stick man will not die even you will break all its bones. Violence is something different but this is just a fun game and you can throw, punch, kick the face and body or any other part of the hero. The more you will hit it the more entertainment you will get. If stick man wants to fight you then you have no option other than beating him. We bet you never played any addictive game comparing to this one. You can use different tools to beat the stick character as he is scared of these tools. Ragdoll body can speak which makes it funny to tap on the hero. Drag the hero and throw it away when you thinks punching is not making much difference.


• Realistic simulation ragdoll physics
• Easy controls
• Addictive gameplay
• Different toppings for the character
• Target based unlimited levels
• Different tools to kill hero