Graphenes Studios

Tap Dig My Museum


Create an exhibition stand to display your fossils. Gradually restore and develop the run down museum. -Set out to excavate fossils. Discover fossils to display in the exhibition stand. You can choose your dig site from the map. Enjoy wondering about what kind of dinosaur fossil you will unearth! Please the visitors to the museum by collecting and assembling every part of the fossils. Raise your level Raise the level of your museum. Eventually you will receive many visitors. Raise the level of your character. You can increase the number of excavations. Raise the level of your pickaxe. This widens the range of rocks that you can destroy. Collect fossils You can collect your fossils in the storehouse and install your preferred fossils wherever you like. (However, some fossils cannot be displayed depending on the type of exhibition stand.) Earn money Visitors will pay to come and see your fossils. The amount of money they spend will vary depending on the type of customer and their satisfaction level (based on the state of your fossil collection.) With the money you earn you can fund excavations, make exhibition stands, and level up. Enjoy a fun museum management game with puzzle-like fossil excavations and simple controls! You will always be excitedly anticipating your next fossil discovery! Collect many fossils, and aim to create your own wonderful museum with cute pixel art characters that move around!