Graphenes Studios

Tap To Bounce

Have you had enough of playing traditional ball bounce games? Are you itching to try something different, something out of this world? Now you can! Welcome to the arcade world of jumping balls! Bloop: Ball Bounce is a unique story of a jumping ball. This is not a casual game, it is going to blow up your nerves & reflexes! In this addictive physics game, a frantic ball is the only character. You don’t have to smash balls, crush them or knock them down. Yes, you’ve heard it right! The story is all about getting maximum coins & winning! Once you start the game, the ball will start moving in one direction either in the right direction or left direction! Do not let it fall. Sometimes, you need to hit the ball with a low strike so that it gets to your desired destination on the screen. The longer you tap, the higher the ball will push up on the screen. Just play the combination of a classic & a newer game to date & you are all set to go! Get your hands on before the intensity of the ball reaches a top-notch level! The ball will always move either towards the left wall or right wall. Do not let the ball touch the red area; otherwise, the game will be over. Touch the sides of the wall other than the red area to gain points. Bounce ball games puts your strength, balance, coordination & strategic skills to the test. Take your time, analyze traps throughout the game arcade & win! This is a fun-filled challenge for your reflexes!! Collect coins for additional points. The red walls/bars will keep on moving. Do not ever hit the red walls lest you will lose. A simple trick to play a classic ball game is to balance the ball movement! Bounce wall to wall and score as high as possible! How to Play:
Tap to bounce and control your height
Collect as many points as you can and dominate the Game Center leaderboards


Endless Game play & Realistic Physics
Play alive in this addictive Ball Bounce game!
Drive your way with tap tap movements of the ball
Test your reflexes in a super-fun way!
Compete against friends with global Game Center leaderboards!