Graphenes Studios

Tattoo Stencil

Do you want to draw graffiti art on your body using spray paint art? Well, then you are in the right place where you can be a spray artist making stencil art on your or your friend’s body. Tattoo Stencil Art-Stencil Craft Body Spray Master let you be that artist creating different tattoo stencil using stencil art. You can now create different tattoo stencil by using stencil craft techniques. It is so easy and simple to do. All you have to do spray, spray and spry!! It will be totally like making a graffiti art on a wall but as you will be drawing tattoo stencil so basically we will be replacing the walls with beautiful bodies to draw on. This game will let you be a tattoo stencil artist and at the same time a stencil art master too. So who wants to acquire these many skills at once.


First of all, it is Free.
Secondly, it will remain Free.
You can zoom in to color thin areas.
There is a big range of amazing tattoo stencils to draw.
You will have clients to impress.
You can play freestyle mode as you see fit.


Just click on the play button.
Then select the mode you wanna play Freestyle or client dealing.
Then you will have a tattoo stencil appear on a body.
Select the color you wish to fill in.
Zoom in to fill the color in thin areas.
Fill the color according to client requirements and get a good rating.
This game is full of an amazing experience of creating stencil art as a tattoo stencil artist. So it will be more like creating a tattoo stencil on the body rather than using spray. Feel free to give suggestions and don’t hold your desire to be a Tattoo Stencil Art-Stencil Craft Body Spray Master.