Graphenes Studios

Wood Cutter

Be a wood turning Turn and cut the wood with using lathe! Learn how to use a wood carving lathe! Stay tuned with wood carving cutter game and make new good wood models with most relaxing wood simulator game. Simply cut the wood and turn it into different unique shapes. Polish and paint that shapes with beautiful colors. Show your wood carving art and prove to yourself that you would be a great wood turner game. Your wait is over! Woodcutting 3D – wood turner game is available on the Apple app store now! The woodcutting machine is ready to use. Come and install a new woodcutting 3D – wood carving cutter game and enjoy it!


• Learn various wood cutting designs.
• Collection of polish and paint colors.
• Experience as the best wood turning game.
• Be able to use a wood carving lathe.
• Relax with this wood cutting – wood carving cutter game.
• Make the best and unique shapes of wood using the lathe.
• Learn the usage of wood carving lathe.
• Cool graphical visualization.
• Smooth game play controls.